Besides my Sun in Cancer, there are a lot of qualities of other zodiac signs in myself (as in other people too).

That’s why it’s no surprise that I decided to dedicated myself to such unusual (Aquarius) and creative (Leo) spheres as poetry and astrology that inspire other people (Pieces) and help them (Virgo).

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Since my childhood, I have been interested in science (Aquarius) and tried to understand the laws according to which the world functions (Sagittarius).

I have been trying to find out all the connections (Gemini), to get to the very essence of life principles (Scorpio) and then build my own worldview, tested by practice. The one that would serve me for many years on (Capricorn). As a result, now I possess four masters’ degrees and not sure that it’s my limit.

However, ironically my heart belongs to the knowledge, for obtaining of which no state diplomas can be given. It’s astrology (Aquarius).

I have followed the tradition established by R. P. Feynman and Steve Jobs in the end of the Age of Pieces. They have managed to find a form for the ideas in which they believe (Taurus) and visualized them (Pieces).

I visualized my beloved astrology too!

Now everyone can not only grasp the meanings of astrology, but also actually see and touch them (Taurus, Pieces, Sagittarius, Aquarius)!

Carl Jung's Horoscope | Astrology Talks with Anastasia Rybachuk

These products are a synthesis of my knowledge, experience, intuition and creative perception.

As C. G. Jung wrote,

“My life has been permeated and held together by one idea and one goal: namely, to penetrate into the secret of personality. Everything can be explained from this central point, and all my works relate to this one theme.”

He also wrote that his ideas will be understood properly only by poets.

Being a poet, I have created my astrological products in the hope to make my own humble contribution to C. G. Jung’s life mission.