I write poems in Russian and in English and perform on YouTube, TV and live on stage.

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I took part in the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 with my own poetry comedy show.

The whole show was a monologue of Her Imperial Highness, Her Grace, Her Excellency, Her Royal Majesty the Queen of Hearts – ‘Alice in Wonderland’ character – and consisted of poems, songs and the Queen’s delirium in prose between them.

My Queen of Hearts wore red lipstick and was totally obsessed with power, money and sex!

The show covered a wide range of topics.

Among them were common stereotypes, complexes and fears, relations between men and women, sex, gender equality, politics and even environmental protection!

In order to achieve greater contrast, I united my poetry with classical music and chose a Gothic church as the venue.

Anastasia Rybachuk - 'Fan of Married Men' | Edinburgh Fringe 2015

The BBC attended my show and reviewed it as ‘spectacular and with a hint of scandal’, ‘humour not for everybody’, ‘unusual and different from the traditional stand-up comedians’ and ‘understandable even outside of Russian culture’ at the same time.

However, life is not always plain sailing – they wrote their review in Russian.

However, happy days! I have translated the article. The translation of the review into English can be downloaded here.

After the Edinburgh Fringe I lived in London for more than a year and performed with my poems and songs in different comedy and cabaret venues.

'Jaws' poem | The Fear Night, Jester Jesters
Anastasia Rybachuk - 'No titties song' | Monkey Business, London 2016

I am very grateful to all people who like and support my creative work.

Thanks to them I was nominated for the National Literary Award “Poet of the Year 2019”. Hooray!

You can find more poems and songs of mine on my official YouTube channel:

Anastasia Rybachuk - 'Striking Situation'
Anastasia Rybachuk - 'No Titties Song' | Edinburgh Fringe 2015