Since my childhood I was interested in how the universe is organized and functioning.

As a result I obtained four master’s degrees, one of them in consulting psychology and psychodiagnostics.

It was C. G. Jung whose works inspired me to study psychology fundamentally. I was absolutely impressed with his profound researches of the unconscious and bold conclusions which he made out of them.

For me he is an ideal scientist; the one who actually proved to the western people that they have a soul.

C. G. Jung wrote that his works would be truly understood only by poets.

Being a poet I try to make my own humble contribution in C. G. Jung’s great work. I proceed exploring his ideas by doing my own researches both in analytical psychology and physics.

I also publish scientific articles about the results I receive and take part in corresponding scientific conferences and congresses with my reports.

What is more, I regularly upload educational videos on YouTube for everyone who is interested in analytical psychology and those ‘big questions’ which it covers.

Mysteries of Time. Part 1

Among them is meaning of life, connection between Psyche and matter, myths, archetypes, symbols, synchronicity etc.

I try to choose the subjects which I can explain to everyone regardless whether they have a psychological background or not.

I was so much impressed with the fact that two great minds from two different spheres – quantum physics (W. E. Pauli) and analytical psychology (C. G. Jung) – collaborated with each other and produced theories that completely changed our world perception!

Being a certified psychologist, I proceed to reveal and analyse connections between modern physics and depth psychology.

I share the results of my explorations and insight in the scientific articles and in my reports on the scientific conferences.

The main subject of my interest is the so-called potential ”theory of everything”.

I have published a scientific article where one of the main problems that modern physics faces when trying to develop a complete theory of nature is explained from the point of view of analytical psychology.

The problem refers to the disagreement between the observed small value of the cosmological constant (vacuum energy density) that is also predicted by general relativity and the theoretical large value of zero-point energy as suggested by quantum field theory.

The hypothetical theory of everything is expected to resolve this discrepancy and thus unify all the known fundamental forces described by general relativity (gravitational force) as well quantum mechanics (electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions).

When analysing this disposition, I identified some references to the psychological formula of three similar elements with the fourth element opposed to them as described by C. G. Jung. The formula often arises in dreams. Gravity acts as the problematic fourth element from this formula and as the one which resists general harmony and does not follow the other three.

Image source:, author: Olaf Tausch, licence: CC BY 3.0

C. G. Jung pointed to the correlation between the problematic fourth element and the transition to material reality. In the case of fundamental interactions, this correlation is manifested by the fact that gravity is responsible for the material embodiment of the universe.

I see the potential in the further collaboration between analytical psychology and string theory – as one of the main candidates for a theory of everything.