I’ve bought a Ferrari at a discount.
I’m so happy, rapturous and proud.
Now I know what speed is about.
I drive faster than all men around!

Once when I was driving to the fruit shop,
An old woman, clumsy and unpleasant,
Shouted in anger from a bus stop:
Sucked it off for such a costly present?

For your information, you, fat asshole,
I drudge like a dray-horse in the city.
And indeed don’t play with every man’s balls.
I may just prefer to play with titties!

If a fancy car is gained by sucking,
Why are you standing at a bus stop then?
Bend your knees for once and you’ll get lucky.
Do the hard yards with your mouth open.

In your forties, sure, you can manage.
Give your head and strike a fair deal.
A Ferrari seems to be a challenge.
But a Russian Lada is quite real.