I think that now you are ready
For a horror tale that can’t be finer.
There was once a pretty lady
Who had sharp teeth in her vagina.

She was an open tender creature
With simple-hearted sky-blue eyes.
A lovely girl who had a feature –
A secret held between her thighs.

She’s never had a love affair,
Although she promised men delight
And cried in tears out of despair:
‘My pussy’s calm! It does not bite!’

Of course, she held negotiations
And said: ‘It’s under control!’,
But men withdrew in consternation
As men are timid – after all.

One day walking through a forest
She lost her way and then by chance
A rapist-killer came across her.
He was insane and full of lust.

This terrible and foul villain
Was being searched out by police,
But managed to stay out of prison
For almost twenty seven years.

She knew him at that very moment.
She knew there’s no turning back.
She estimated her opponent,
Then screwed up courage and attacked.

She got revenge upon his evil.
She paid him back in his own coin.
She neutralized the rapist-killer
By iron jaws of her brave groin.

This feat of arms made her a legend.
A girl as risky as a piranha.
A superwoman wreaking vengeance
With her rebellious vagina.

She was respected, lived in plenty,
Became well-known and no doubt
Lost her virginity at eighty.
After her teeth had fallen out.

As we can learn from this experience,
Guys, if you want to be all right,
When judging ladies by appearance,
Remember – beauties like to bite.