Lucid Dreams, Part 5

Lucid Dreams Part 5

In my previous video, I explained why the most famous way to find yourself in a lucid dream is to look at your hands when you are in a normal dream.

And now I’ll tell you what to do if you look at your hands, feathers sticking out of them, but you still don’t understand that you are sleeping.

If this really happens, this is a good reason to check how deliberate you are in your real life.

The fact is that the situation ‘the weird stuff is happening in a dream, but it doesn’t make me realize that it’s a dream anyway,’… This situation may suggest that you do not use your critical thinking in your life very often. Not always, but sometimes it’s the reason why you do not see lucid dreams.

The lack of awareness in a real-life is a completely understandable phenomenon. Our brain seeks how to make most of our actions and decisions automatically, how to create a ‘library of templates’ from them. Because it will help our brain spend less energy on its work.

Unfortunately, the more automatic your thoughts and actions are, the more likely the chance is that something will slip away from your attention, or you will get involved in other people’s games that have little to do with your goals and your objectives.

The latter is a problem not only for dealing with reality but also for experiencing lucid dreams.

After all, even if you suddenly get lucky and find yourself in a lucid dream, the very first phrase of a random passer-by that your back is white will make you check your back and, alas, then the lucid dream for you will end.

How to raise awareness in a real-life? Volumes of books have been written on this topic.

In the context of preparing for lucid dreams, you can try asking yourself several times a day: who am I? what do I want now? By analogy with hand checking, the practice of asking such questions will sooner or later shift to your dreams. The answers in a dream will be so strange that there is a chance that, having heard them from yourself, you will realize that you are sleeping.

You can also start paying more attention to your surroundings. What color are the walls in the cafe where you dine? What’s about the ceiling? What was the person you just spoke with wearing? And so on.

This exercise only looks silly, in fact, it is a powerful charge for the brain. Even if you do not plan to see the lucid dream.

To be continued.