Werewolves Within Film Review

Werewolves Within Movie Review | Anastasia Rybachuk

Okay, Werewolves Within. It’s a truly good movie! Although I distinguished only about 30% of what characters spoke (because of accents, sorry), those 30% were nicely written and acted.

I wouldn’t call it a horror movie. It turned out to be mystery story with elements of comedy and horror.

To me this movie is the best propaganda against the gun permit. Sorry, I’m from Russia, holding weapons is not allowed here. So, to me the situation when all people in the room have guns and use them anytime they want looks really creepy!

The way characters used those guns throughout the movie only proved me right.

Exactly the moment I couldn’t withstand it anymore and shouted ‘Holy crap, someone please take away guns from them, immediately’… precisely that very moment the main character heard my prayers and actually took away guns from all the characters. Thanks God!

On the other hand, you see, it was exactly the gun permit that saves good characters in the end of the movie. Like to the screenwriter for introducing such a duality into a movie. It makes you think of the issue from two prospects.

I also adore the way how it was shown that the main character was shocked after he fought a werewolf. I mean it was so natural, so human. Almost all movies of this kind present main characters cool and unstirred. A werewolf? Oh well.

The entire message of the movie is adorable. Be nice, just be f@king nice, pardon my language.

And what is more, the way the movie transforms its genre in the middle is absolutely mind-blowing. If you get a bit bored in the first half of it, please give it a second chance and wait till the middle.

All in all, I recommend this entertaining movie with several deep thoughts in it to everyone who wants to spend a nice evening.