Moving to Mars

Well, I’ve visited this exhibition in the Design museum. What can I say? Quite impressive indeed! Of course, I was sure that British folks will never let me down by presenting only fish and chips in tubes…

But I never expected that a scale of presentation would be SO impressive and SO huge! Transport for driving on Mars, houses for living on Mars, even boots for wearing on Mars (made of fungus grown on people’s sweat)!

However, there’s still one issue which kind of worries me. What about the Moon? What’s wrong with the poor Moon guys???

The Moon is located far closer than Mars which means it’s faster (and cheaper) to travel there. There’s no water found on the Moon? Ok but there’s no water found on Mars as well! Just an enormous level of radiation.

The only reasonable explanation is that they’ve found a bit of oil on Mars but are too embarrassed to say it Come on Elon Musk, don’t be so shy and reveal your small dirty oily secret to us!

Anyway, I do like the idea of a new human generation who will be humans but born and bred on Mars (and have never seen Earth in their lives!) What about you? Are you eager to send your children to Mars?