Horoscopes of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: forecast for 2022 – early 2023

In this article, I will take the liberty of forecasting dramatic events for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the following months.

I’m not doing it to scare everyone and scare myself. I am doing it to once again stress the fact that higher forces operate in the Universe. These forces should be respected. They should be studied. After all, these invisible forces, misunderstood by most people, are perhaps the most interesting thing in our world. However, people instead of turning their eyes on them, spend their time on the hell knows what. Anyway.

As I always write, it is impossible to review the entire horoscope in one article. I usually take the aspects most useful in terms of popularizing astrology and analyze them.

Predicting future for politicians is a thankless task. Even when they have a heavyweight streak, the politicians dodge and lie without showing us how bad things really are.

But here we deal with such a case when neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris can get away: the upcoming events promise to be super obvious.

So let’s go.

Joe Biden – what in his horoscope has caught my attention?

Natal Chart of Joe Biden

For example, the “out-of-sign” opposition – the Sun in Scorpio-Uranus in Gemini.

Also the Ascendant in Sagittarius, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars – all in Scorpio in the 12th house. The Ascendant demonstrates us a kind of extrovert. A simple, sociable, smiling guy Joe.

It’s a facade!

Joe Biden is a super secretive man (the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars in the 12th house + Scorpio = a very secretive person, a very secretive presidency, a very secret circle of contacts and very secret negotiations held during his presidency).

If I were asked to describe the presidency of Joe Biden in one or two words, just by looking at his horoscope, that word would be Money. Or Lack of money, to be more precise (heavily afflicted Moon in Taurus).

Or the Crisis of Values because money and values are one and the same archetype.

The eclipse of October 25, 2022 (a solar eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio) will make a conjunction with Biden’s Venus and make an exact opposition to Biden’s Moon in the 5th house. As I already wrote, his Moon is in Taurus. Thus, we are dealing with the Scorpio (other people’s money)-Taurus (your own money) opposition.

This eclipse will be major for Joe Biden. It will do him no good. It will strike Joe Biden on the topics of the Moon. As we remember, Biden’s Moon has enough on its plate even without this eclipse. Anyway.

 What the eclipse could bring to Joe Biden:

 1) Bad news about his son, who, as you know, is troubled and brought some problems for Joe Biden (the Moon is a family); something with the wife can also be an issue – god bless her soul (the Moon is the wife); problems may be related to finances (Taurus);

2) Some secret Biden’s negotiations regarding public money, state money will be revealed, and what will be revealed will not please the general public (the Moon is a country);

3) Difficulties with the Ukrainian issue (the Moon in Taurus, Ukraine is ruled by Taurus);

4) Health problems (the Moon is a body).

The Moon in the horoscope of Joe Biden rules the 8th house (other people’s money, crises, wars), Venus rules the 11th house (public funds). The Moon will be in opposition to Venus during the eclipse.

Taking it into account, I conclude that problems of financial nature, common to the entire American nation, will most likely emerge in October 2022. Problems of spending public money in the context of the 8th house as an option.

On the day of the elections to the US Congress, Joe Biden has a very difficult forecast.

It is on November 8, 2022, that a total lunar eclipse will take place at 16 degrees Taurus. That is, it will happen on Biden’s “favorite” financial Taurus-Scorpio axis. Oh yeah, modern politicians know how to choose dates for elections and negotiations.

This total lunar eclipse conjuncts Uranus at 16-17 degrees Taurus. This is truly bad, as it may refer to the revolt of the masses in connection with the distribution of public money. As if it couldn’t get any worse, Saturn at 18 degrees of Aquarius squares the Moon in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus …

All this “company” hits Biden’s Mars at 12 degrees Scorpio, and yet his Mars is already very problematic (Mars square Pluto, inconjuncts Saturn) … Mars provides a battle, a struggle, a war. A grandiose battle is expected, apparently. A battle where Joe Biden won’t have much support. Also chaos, violence, enemies.

Important: astrology does not show who will win, there is no such a thing in it. But it shows that this battle will be incredibly difficult for Joe Biden. It will be a serious fight, hard to endure even for the young ones.

But that’s not even half of the story.

In early February 2023, Saturn will move into 26-27-28 degrees Aquarius and square Joe Biden’s Sun (vitality), oppose Chiron (a wounded healer; deals with health) and make a conjunction with the South Node in Joe Biden’s horoscope.

What may it mean? Vitality problems. Biden will be incredibly exhausted, obviously with all the problems I wrote about above.

That is, I tend to assume that Joe Biden will endure vitality problems during this period.

The only thing that confuses me is Chiron in the 9th house because it’s the house of foreigners and foreign affairs for a politician. That is, international politics can also be involved in Biden’s February problems.

In addition, when Saturn conjuncts with the South Node in a politician’s horoscope, it does not add to his popularity among the masses at the time of such a transit.

So, my conclusion is the following: it will be extremely hard for Joe Biden. Either health or work problems are to be expected. If these problems relate to work, then they will also affect international politics.

May Joe Biden finish his term ahead of schedule because of all these difficulties?

Astrology does not give us such information.

However, if we look into the horoscope of Kamala Harris (the person who will legally come to power if Joe Biden leaves), then we will see something extraordinary.

Natal Chart of Kamala Harris

At the same time when Joe Biden is having vitality issues, Kamala Harris has a giant career growth in her horoscope!

This is what they call a turn!

The same Saturn, which will make so many challenging aspects to the planets in Biden’s horoscope in 2023, will positively aspect the planets in Kamala’s horoscope!

And look at the way how exactly it aspects them! Saturn enters the 10th house, the house of career, the house of the head of state! Saturn itself is responsible for the heads of states!

And all this will happen in March 2023…

Will Kamala Harris become the 47th President of the United States in 2023?

Most likely, yes.But regardless of what exactly will happen and how exactly it will happen, I would highlight two reference points in the future when the world should expect something huge:

October-November 2022.

February-March 2023.

In October-November 2022, I would highlight October 19, October 25 and November 8 as important dates, in February-March 2023 – all days in both months. At the same time, I would highlight February 26, 2023 separately.