Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius

In the one of my previous articles I wrote about the message of Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that made the entire year 2020. 

Now let’s talk about Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius that will have or already has a huge impact on our lives in 2021.

But first let’s get back to the lessons of 2020. They are as following:

Understand your limitations. Admit that you are not almighty. Even if you are a leader of the powerful country, 2020 showed you that the Universe sets a few limitations to you as well. 

Understand that there are rules in the society, on Earth and in the Universe and respect these rules. 

Concentrate on the most important things. Structure your goals.

Stick to your goals. Don’t be chaotic, create a structure whatever you do. 

Stick to this structure and to the rules which every structure implies!

Classic Capricorn stuff, if you know what I mean. 

Good news from Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. This year we are finally allowed to expand! 

Not only because Jupiter is a planet of expansion but also because Aquarius means spreading ideas, ideals and intuitional insights among friends, groups of people or even humanity.

However, a very important note: as it is a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, you will be allowed to expand only if you stick to the lessons you learnt the previous year. If you bear in mind your limitations. If you respect rules, concentrate on your goals and stick to your structure. 

Not a classic idea of expansion, but if done properly, it will give you tangible and long-lasting success.

If you want to know where exactly in your life you will have a chance to expand bearing in mind your limitations, please check the House of your horoscope where this Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius takes place this year.

I wish luck, fortune and wisdom to you in 2021!