2020, WTF was Going On?

I’d like to explain what important lessons stars want us to learn from 2020. Except for the lesson of washing our hands regularly, of course.

The aspect that made that year so tough is Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

Capricorn is a sign of government. 

Saturn is a planet of world government, structure and limitations.

Pluto is an agent of evolutionary forces. It provides energy that transforms and updates all old forms or destroys them.

So we astrologers have expected some kind of massive transformation of world power that year.

One of the saddest examples when the energy of these two guys – Pluto and Saturn – blended was Hiroshima.

Luckily, it went without atomic boom this time.

Anyway, what lessons should every person learn from this powerful conjunction?

This conjunction happened to transform our understanding of our personal limitations. 

The more we understand our limitations, the less energy we waste on non essential things.

The more refined our true goals get.

The more disciplined we become on achieving them.

If you want to know where exactly you should get rid of nonessentials and concentrate on important things, please check the House of your horoscope where this Saturn Pluto conjunction took place in 2020.

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