The Most Unnatural Species

We human beings have never felt like we belong to the world where we became aware of ourselves one day. 

From the very beginning we felt a kind of being not biological. Not natural.

How we act, what results we got from our actions… It all looked like nature didn’t need us. It didn’t need us at all.

But we had to survive somehow! We needed to survive in that cold, unfriendly and dangerous world where nobody promised us anything.

So we invented faith. Faith that everything will be fine one day. 

We started to create our tools.

We started to cook our food.

We started to dress and adorn ourselves.

We started to believe in our Gods.

We invented the meaning of our life.

After we did all these wonderful things, Charles Robert Darwin discovered that actually we ARE a part of nature. We are at home here on Earth.

Nowadays, many people again feel that they don’t belong to their surroundings.

There’s nothing wrong in feeling different from the world where you were born. 

It’s completely normal.

It’s human. 

If your world doesn’t need you, then it means that you are perfectly capable of creating your own world.

Don’t lose faith that was invented thousands of years ago.

Create your own world.

Create your own tools.

Create your own style.

Create your own meaning.

Believe in it.

That’s what makes us human.