Mysteries of Time, Part 1

What is the most controversial subject in philosophy? 

It’s time.

A lot of thinkers and philosophers have tried to get into its mystery.

However, the more they tried, the more complicated things got.

Carl Jung has discovered that the deeper we get into collective unconsciousness, the more relative time becomes.

In fact, at some deep deep deep degree of  immersion into psyche time disappears at all.

Everything is happening at the same very moment there. Past, present and future. They all unite and blend.

The same thing actually happens to our time perception in a dream.

When we try to remember our dream, we can remember only bundle of simultaneous events. 

If we want to write down or tell someone this dream, we have to do a huge job of arranging these events chronologically.

So when we are awaken, what power does the job of arranging events chronologically for us in our real life?

Chinese have developed a very interesting approach to time. They described time as a quality. 

So time characterizes a certain quality of the events that are happening at the very moment. 

This general quality of events can reveal itself simultaneously in different parts of space. Regardless of how far these places are located from each other! 

So according to Chinese your desirable event will happen only when the events of the same quality happen too.

For example, 2020. The general quality of that year was mental and bizarre. A lot of things of this kind happened then until the quality of the time has changed. 

Let’s hope it has changed for the best.

To be continued.