Those Who Wished Me Dead Film Review

Those Who Wish Me Dead Movie Review | Anastasia Rybachuk

I just watched “Those Who Wished Me Dead” with Angelina Jolie and here is my review.

I think Angelina Jolie is so beautiful that the overall story or plot holes do not matter a lot. If you agree with me you will like this movie.

I also enjoyed the child actor performing. He acted so brilliantly. I think that boy deserves an Academy Award for the Best Actor. He should also start his own acting school. A lot of people from Russian movies will need his services.

It is not a bad movie after all but I’ve still got several questions:

  • Is it so popular to use children as psychologists in the United States? Is it cheaper so that’s why you do it or what? Two times in a movie, grown up woman and man were complaining about their problems such as fear, guilt and murder to that kid. I mean what’s wrong with those people? 
  • Why hasn’t the movie description mentioned that it’s a film about zombies? I think it would increase its box office tremendously.
  • As far as I can remember from my basics of survival in the extreme circumstances lessons at school, the main danger during fire is not even fire itself, it’s carbon monoxide. People die of carbon monoxide even before they get burned. So my third question is – why did screenwriters miss their basics of survival in the extreme circumstances lessons at school? I think they were very busy working as psychologists for their parents.

All in all, this movie is nicely done, so it won’t get you bored till the end. I recommend it to everyone who likes Angelina Jolie and the good classic nineties’ action movies.