Psyche & Matter

Psyche & Matter Part I

Are Psyche and matter connected?

Certainly, they are.

Those who get nervous easily, very often have problems with their heart.

Does Psyche influence matter? 

Or matter influence Psyche?


If you take a medicine against depression, it will raise your spirits.

And vice versa. If your mood is nice, then your body feels great. Without any medicine.

How are Psyche and matter connected? 

We do not know it yet.

Carl Gustav Jung believed that Psyche and matter are two faces of the one indivisible Universe. He called this Universe unus mundus. 

However, there is a borderland between Psyche and matter. The narrow area where psychic becomes material. 

Jung called that area a psychoid. 

Every person can get to a psychoid when he or she gets obsessed with very strong emotions. It can be passion. It can be unexpected insight. It may be fear too.

An interesting fact – before starting their rituals Middle Ages witches read Lord’s Prayer… backwards.

Why on earth did they do such a thing?

If we try to explain it scientifically, witches did it in order to get to that psychoid. Psyche and matter are the one thing there. So in such a condition witches could make changes in the material world with their own mind. 

Why did those miserable women believe that reading Lord’s prayer backwards would do such a trick to them?

Because it was considered such a terrible blasphemy in Middle Ages. One could not do it without shitting one’s pants! 

It was probably the most terrifying thing one could do in one’s life. 

It gave witches the strongest emotion. It gave them fear. That fear opened them gates to that psychoid. 

Nowadays, unfortunately, human’s faith in Lord is not as unquestionable and strong. So the majority of people even won’t get the idea what is wrong with reading Lord’s prayer backwards. 

It means it won’t cause the desirable effect, if you know what I mean. 

What will cause such an effect?

I think saying to your boss that he is an asshole would certainly do. Especially during the pandemic time. Especially if you have a mortgage. 

But please do not do such a trick unless you received an offer from Hogwarts.