Why do Americans like everything big?

Americans are famous for their passion for everything huge. Some people admire such an attitude, some ridicule, some envy.

Let’s try to find out the true origin of this American obsession with a big size.

Carl Gustav Jung wrote that the collective unconscious of the nation, or a national character, to put is simply, is largely determined by Psyche of ancient folks that used to live on this land before history had even started.

What is Psyche in simple words? It’s a soul. 

Where can one find the best reflection of the national soul? You can find it in art, of course. 

In case of America if we check the art of the first Pre-columbian civilizations what will we find out?

We will find out the Nazca lines. The hugest masterpiece of art humanity has ever seen!

The Nazca lines are so impressive and huge that some art professionals even call them 2D architecture!

So we won’t be wrong if we assume that huge sizes came in one package with the American lands from the very beginning. 

The current civilization of the USA is simply a mouthpiece of that collective unconscious idea.

The distributor of Gods’ will, if I may say so. The big idea of this small story is simple: want to create something huge? Go to Americas!