Lost City Film Review

The Lost City Review | Anastasia Rybachuk

I’ve just watched Lost City. I like that film. It was written in the reviews as “so stupid it’s hilarious”. Well, I don’t think it’s stupid. It’s entertaining. If you like comedy and adventure, you should watch this one.

I also enjoyed so much how the main characters look like. To be fair I’ve known that Sandra Bullock is not 18, but I didn’t know she is almost 60. I mean she is super-hot! Of course, you can say it’s all СGI but look at her body. She is slim and gracious, СGI can’t make all these miracles! Or can it?

Anyway, it was a pleasure of mine to look at her and I do appreciate that film creators didn’t find instead of Sandra Bullock another mediocre 20 years old actress with millions of subscribers on Instagram.

They wrote the scenario the way it shows how women of age more than 40 are smart, charming, and hot. It’s very important today! The films cannot be done only about 20-year-olds! 

Regarding the plot – it’s not as simple as it looks. It’s about different levels of mental perception that Gemini and Sagittarius personify. 

Gemini is about practical knowledge, language, and grammar, short journeys. It’s personified by Channing Tatum’s character.

Sagittarius is about a wider picture of life. It’s about history, archeology, anthropology, philosophy, higher education, publishing, and long travel. It’s personified by Sandra Bullock’s character.

To my mind through the interaction of the main characters the film metaphorically raises the following questions: 

  1. Do you have the right to hold forth on wider subjects if you have problems with basic practical stuff? 
  2. How basic practical knowledge can improve a wider picture of life?
  3. How to endure a long journey if you are not prepared even for short ones?
  4. Why do people who are so good at Sagittarius themes (I mean general picture of life, philosophy, science, long journeys abroad) prefer to travel mostly to the past? How to cope with it so that you can see the history that is written at that very moment? And become an active participant in that history?

So, all in all, I recommend this film to everyone who’d like to spend a nice evening and watch Brad Pitt poking fun at Peaky Blinders.