Lucid Dreams, Part 4

Lucid Dreams Part 4

In my previous video, I have told you that Carlos Castaneda advised you to look at your hands while you are in a dream. He wrote that this would help you to turn your dream into a lucid one. 


Because your hands are always at hand. You can also have a look at your feet – that’s how I got into my lucid dream the first time. But anyway.

What will happen if you look at your hands in your dream? Why do you need it at all? Because you will see that your hands are either green, or they have changed their shape, or you have eight fingers or anything. 

In other words, you will notice an issue with your hands that hopefully will make you realize that such a thing can never happen in reality. So, this is not the reality. It’s a dream! Tada, now you are in a lucid dream so you can start to act consciously.

An attentive viewer will ask themselves how on earth can I remember about watching at my hands while I am in a dream? How can I control myself there at all?

Yep, it’s a challenge, you are right.

In order to remember to look at your hands while sleeping, you need to acquire such a habit when you are awakened. You can start watching at your hands at least for several seconds. For example, three times a day. 

There is a stereotype that you acquire a habit if you do something for 21 days running. Now it has been proved that it’s wrong. Acquiring a habit is an individual process. It requires from 18 to 254 days. Good luck to you with that! 

To be continued.