Things That Matter

So, well, the Tokyo Olympics are over. The Olympics where our Russian anthem and flag were banned. To say that Russians are outraged is to say nothing, as you may presume.

I am reading H. G. Wells “History of life” – the great book that I recommend to everyone. The author shares several contemplations regarding the nature of such a phenomenon as patriotism.

Since the very ancient times there always was something bigger than a human being, something more important than every particular human life.

First, it were spirits of ancestors. Those dead relatives mattered so much that countless human sacrifices were made in order to please them.

Then it was the “great” leader of a country. Sargon of Akkad was more important than any of his subjects. They unquestionably fought for their important leader and died for him.

Then it was Christianity – early Christians were tortured to death for their faith. However, they met their death eagerly. Faith was the important thing.

Then it was the Christian Church. We all remember Crusades.

And finally it’s the idea of a state. That’s the most important human idea at the moment, if you just think of it.

People are so much proud for their states that they associate themselves completely with borders on political maps, with the hymn and the flag. 

People are made to believe that their state is worth fighting for it. Worth dying for it. 

I wonder whether the times will come when people themselves start to matter. No Sargon of Akkad, no spirits of ancestors, no religion, no political map. Just people.