Why will humanity move to Mars soon?

What is the history of mankind? 

Herbert Wells described the history of life as a history of conquering new environments.

He wrote that if there had been an outside observer, a bystander from another planet on ancient Earth, that observer would never have thought that one day life would get out of water and move to land. 

Because that sounded so unnatural, so unnecessary. So tough.

But that’s exactly what life did. Life moved to land and started to prosper there.

After life conquered land, it rose into the air. Some forms of life developed improvements in their bodies for that, while other forms developed their brain.

Who could have thought of that in prehistoric times? Who could have thought that people would fly in the sky?

However, this process of expanding our horizons is common to all people. It’s in our blood. Psychologists mean it when they advise you step out of your comfort zone if you want to become happy.

Earth has definitely become comfort zone for many people nowadays. It’s no wonder there are plans to go somewhere else.

Will people become happy somewhere else? Or will they get frustrated there and go back? 

They will definitely become happy there. 

And some of them will definitely get frustrated. 

What will happen to those frustrated ones? 

I think they can always do what whales did.