Jungle Cruise Film Review

Jungle Cruise Movie Review | Anastasia Rybachuk

Wow! I like that one. If you (like me) adore adventure movies, run! Run to the box office and buy a ticket! Take your family and your friends and buy it! Now! 

One of my greatest concerns about the modern film industry… To be fair, the entire modern film industry is one great concern to my mind, but anyway… 

One of the saddest issues about it is that there are very few truly entertaining films made. For some unknown reason, most films are made with a claim to complexity and depth.

Dear filmmakers, it’s a huge mistake.

Life is short. Life is hard. Life is dangerous. Especially these days. 

Please do not multiply our depression! We have enough on our plates even without your ‘masterpieces’. You are not Tarkovsky or Bergman, let’s face it. You can’t make complexity look inspirational. Maybe that’s because you are not complex yourself. 

So do what’s easier. 

Entertain us. Give us positive emotions. We will be very thankful.

This film has managed to accomplish this task brilliantly. Ten out of ten. 

It’s gripping. You won’t want to check your phone or anything. You will be kept to the edge of your seat during the entire film!

Beautiful scenery. Amazon river, jungle, CGI animals. 1916 London! It looks like London was also made with CGI, wasn’t it?

Anyway. Great acting. Interesting dialogues. Jokes! Finally, there are jokes in a film that will truly make you laugh, not only smile out of politeness. My favorite one was about the tribe’s chief in the end.

To those who don’t know – the entire idea of the film was based on Walt Disney’s theme park attraction. I visited that attraction in Anaheim, so well… How to say it politely? Let’s say the filmmakers did a great job of making something watchable out of it.

There are also two bright ideas in the film that I especially admire.

The first one. Water is useful. It’s good for you. Keep water near yourself. Drink water every day. And no, you can’t substitute water with coffee, tea, coke, or pint. Your body needs water, it prevents your blood from becoming too thick, so blood clots arise.

And the second idea regards science. Yep, nowadays it’s almost impossible to introduce a genuinely original idea into the scientific community because of the bureaucracy, stereotypical ways of thinking, and other factors. That’s very sad and needs to be changed.

The film has its own way of resolving this complexity. So go on and watch it!