Archetypes, Part 2

See Part 1.

A very interesting fact about archetypes is that they unite things that seem to have nothing in common. Things that are not connected. At least our intellect thinks so.

For example, ground, an oven, a cave, a cow, a church, your Mom…

Is there anything that unites these entities at all? Actually, there is a lot because they all belong to the same archetype of the Great and Terrible Mother. 

How do archetypes start to function? In a normal situation, they exist in a form of psychological complexes in your Psyche. These complexes are not 24/7 active, most of the time they are, so to say, sleeping. For the time being. 

But then the moment comes when the archetype suddenly gets triggered. After it, you become a part of the eternal archetypical drama. Like billions of people before you and billions of them after you. It’s time you play your part. For example, by experiencing some very strong emotions.

So, for example, if your oven is unexpectedly broken then, after listening to what I’ve just told you, you can realize that the archetype of the Great and Terrible Mother has just been triggered. I

So, when your Mom calls you later this evening you may become especially attentive and conscious. Because your Mom may start an argument with you.

She may try to make everything in order to involve you in that argument. Because arguing will make you experience a very strong emotion. It will feed that archetype.

Why do archetypes do it to us? 

Can we somehow change it?

Carl Jung wrote that the only way to get some freedom in dealing with archetypes is to become aware of them.

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