Synchronicity, The Story Continues

Synchronicity: The Story Continues

In my previous article, I have told you what synchronicity is. 

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence of several events, to put it simply. This coincidence means something personal to you and no, it cannot be explained with your day-to-day logic. 

Normal events (they are also called casual) have their obvious cause. 

The room is light because you turned on the light. There is a cause and there is a consequence. You can grasp this logic easily without becoming mental.

But if you have just thought that you need to change a bulb in your room and then you see a truck with the inscription Bulbs just in two minutes… This fact doesn’t have a particular cause, does it? Except for that thought of yours.

Such a connection when events are connected by meaning but have no casual connection is called acasual. 

This acasual connection shows us that not only evident Aristotle’s logic is at work in our Universe. 

There is also another subtle logic that is beyond human understanding now. 

This new logic is also beyond time and space. Because when you experience synchronicity, it breaks the laws of time and space. It unites objects that are in reality and a dream, that happened yesterday and tomorrow, here and in another place on Earth. 

Synchronicity also proves that is a connection between physical reality and your mind.

And somehow this connection wants to be revealed.