Mysteries of Nature

Reading a gripping book called ‘Mysteries of nature’ and thinking of the origin of the concept of a good nice and peaceful animal kingdom spoilt by an evil evil evil man. Apparently those who still believe in this fairy tale simply lacked proper education and critical thinking. Sea lions kill penguins not in order to eat them. They do it for fun!

Lots of animals parasite others (more naive), pretend to be another species (less dangerous) and eat their own kind (those who are weaker and smaller, very often it’s babies). If we try to measure animals with our human moral standards then they are even more cruel and evil than the characters of Game of Thrones!

The thing is that animals don’t have moral standards and they cannot see themselves with our eyes, that’s why they shouldn’t be judged. But we have this curse (and a gift!). So in order to become a better version of ourselves we should be not like animals (which many people call for nowadays) but to further develop this precious gift given to us (and not given to other living beings) – our high-level consciousness.

It’s our consciousness which allowed us to invent such moral standards which involve protecting animals. Animals don’t want to protect us! We must constantly improve these moral standards, make them higher and higher. That’s how the entire planet can benefit.

The light is in even brighter human consciousness not in the dark kingdom of animal instincts which we came from.