Lucid Dreams, Part 3

Lucid Dreams Part 3

In my previous video I have told you how far Carl Jung got in studying dreams in general. Today I will speak about those who studied and practiced lucid dreams.

The first one is Carlos Castaneda, of course. He has written several books and one of those books is dedicated to lucid dreams.

Although the book itself is huge there’s very little practical information in it, to my mind. 

This information is as follows:

  • look at your hands in your dreams and your dream will turn into a lucid one.
  • The description of the technique how to get into lucid dream directly. I mean without getting into a normal dream first. This is working but a very difficult technique so I will comment on it later.

What can I say? Despite this lack of practical knowledge, the book of Castaneda can help you see your first lucid dream… just by reading it! That’s what happened to me!

An important notice – if you want to experience lucid dreams regularly you can try reading (or watching) anything about lucid dreams every day. 15 min per day will do good. That practice will help you get synchronized with the field of lucid dreams. For those of you who haven’t heard about such a phenomenon as synchronicity, I strongly recommend watching my video about it.

To be continued.

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