Free Guy Film Review

Free Guy Movie Review | Anastasia Rybachuk

So, let’s talk about the Free Guy film. It’s a nice one! I didn’t expect much of the movie about video games, to be fair, but it has turned out to be quite good. Even smart, I daresay. 

You should definitely watch this film if you ever started watching the Westworld series but gave up midway because it seemed too cruel for you. Free Guy is PG-13’s Westworld.

However, the film has an obvious flaw. I am talking about its length. In my opinion, Free Guy could be cut in half, and you won’t even notice it! The current version is way too lengthy. This fact makes the film duller and weaker than it could be. 

I hope the filmmakers left it like this because they wanted to explain their ideas better. Not because they are paid for every extra minute!

As for the general idea, it’s brilliant.

Every person is so much more than the work they do and the clothes they wear. Life is much more than you can perceive with your everyday perception. Artificial intelligence is not about robots, it’s about that very perception that we were taught to use since our childhood. It works for the majority, but it gives people a cut version of reality. 

My entire YouTube channel is about it. All these videos I make are like glasses the Blue Shirt Guy gave to other NPCs to let them see. 

I am so happy that more and more films are dedicated to this topic. This means I am not alone! And, of course, I do recommend you watch the Free Guy. Even if it seems a bit childish, it’s actually wise. Like all children are.