Lucid Dreams, Part 1

Folks since normal traveling is still in question and, honestly, not very safe even if allowed I decided to start a new series of posts in this account. It will be dedicated to traveling in our dreams. This kind of traveling is safe, cheap and not less exciting than a real one if you know how to do it properly.

I won’t claim that I am Yoda of the subject but still I know quite a bit. I studied lucid dreams with the one of the best trainers in Russia and I am a very good (and modest!) teacher myself. I can teach you whatever, even something which I cannot do myself (for example, how to earn on teaching others)!

But jokes aside, getting back to lucid dreams. Actually I see quite a lot of them so hopefully I will be capable of sharing our best practices and working methods with English-speaking audiences.


What makes a Russian approach to lucid dreams so special?

For example, the fact that we distinguish two kinds of lucid dreams and call them differently:

🔸Lucid dreams – dreams where we realize that we are sleeping but still don’t make any changes in their scenarios. That is we have no agenda of our own, go where we are taken, speak to who’s talking to us etc.

🔹Deliberate dreams – dreams where we realize that we are sleeping and are 100 % aware of our own will. We are ready to perform our own tasks, do what we planned when awaken and don’t let the scenario of the dream confuse us. Like in the Inception movie.


So my story will be dedicated to the second kind of dreams because they are the most interesting ones. For the convenience of English-speaking readers I will call them Lucid dreams but remember that actually it’s not them!

I’ll describe several ways how to cause lucid dreams, tasks which can be accomplished in them, structure of that mysterious reality etc. Posts about this subject will appear once in several days and will be marked with a corresponding label.

Get ready for the journey!

To be continued.