Why is Ancient Art Always so Beautiful?

Is it because ancient people didn’t have the Internet? And had plenty of free time instead?

Actually it’s because ancient people believed that everything they create is an extension to themselves.

Every vase they made, every picture they draw, every two bricks they put together. They thought these all were their parts, like their arms and legs.

That’s why ancient craftsmen were determined to create as beautiful things as possible. 

They dedicated a lot of time, energy and effort to surround themselves with perfect stuff. Because that perfect beautiful stuff was continuation of their personality (if they had such a word) or their body (they definitely had that one).

Was it a good belief? I think so! 

Unfortunately, after several centuries past, a lot of people gradually came to the conclusion that there’s no problem if they start to create something bad. Something ugly, something of bad quality. 

Such people persuaded themselves and the society around them that one can do bad things but remain good. Somewhere in the very depths of their heart.

That’s why they offer us bad cars, clothes of low quality and tomatoes that taste like grass.

People who produce bad quality things truly believe that there’s no connection between who they are and what they make.

My suggestion sounds like that: let’s respect wisdom of our ancestors and in order to be nice, create something nice.