Joe Biden and the ‘incorrect’ opposition in his horoscope

Joe Biden and the "Incorrect" Opposition in his Horoscope

It’s very useful for everyone who is interested in astrology and has some basic knowledge of it to study presidents’ horoscopes. Because the information contained in those horoscopes influences the lives of many people and even countries.

Of course, it seems impossible to cover the entire horoscope of mister Biden in one short video. So, I try to concentrate on one particular aspect of it instead. 

I am talking about opposition Sun in Scorpio – Uranus in Gemini. Opposition is not the most frustrating aspect in general. However, this opposition is a very special one. 

A classic opposition pushes against each other signs of the same axis: Aries and Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, and others. A lot of confrontation takes place here but there’s contact between warring sides too.

The opposition in Joe Biden’s horoscope I’m talking about is not a classic one. It’s so to say out of sign. It’s the opposite of Scorpio and Gemini. These signs belong to different axis: Taurus-Scorpio and Gemini-Sagittarius. 

So the opponent of the Sun (I mean Uranus in Gemini) – unusual knowledge, revolutionary information, knowledge about masses of people… This opponent is expected to interact with the philosophy of Joe Biden directly. If there were Sagittarius instead of Scorpio in this opposition. That’s how classic oppositions work.

But this doesn’t happen! 

Uranus in Gemini is having a conflict with the energetic system of mister Biden and relates to money matters as well (areas of Scorpio). 

This is very hard to combine incompatible, so that’s kind of opposition is especially difficult to be dealt with. 

If there’s something similar in your horoscope or horoscopes of your clients, please pay special attention to it.

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