Mysteries of Time, Part 2. Tenet Explained

Quantum physics has come to an interesting conclusion about time directions and how they can be interpreted.

Let’s figure it out on the example of subatomic particles. 

An electron is moving forward doing its own business and suddenly emits a photon – an elementary particle responsible for giving us light. 

We can actually watch such a process during a lightning strike. Lots of electrons produce a huge natural firework of photons.

However, if we turn this diagram upside down, we will see that actually it’s not a process of emitting a photon. It’s a process of absorbing a photon!

Who is that new friend who has bumped into a photon in order to absorb it and transform their entire union into an electron? 

It’s a positron. A positron is the so-called anti-particle to the electron. 

The ingenious author of these ingenious diagrams was Richard Feynman.

According to Richard Feinman, the anti-particle to the electron is nothing else but the electron itself moving backwards in time!

It looks like the authors of Tenet were inspired with that idea so much that made an entire movie out of it!

Do you feel like there’s something behind reversing time too? 

Then try to read your life in the opposite direction. From this very moment on.

To be continued.

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