Synchronicity Explained

Synchronicity Explained

Has it ever happened to you that you think of something and then you unexpectedly come across it? 

Or you pay attention to something and then it starts to appear everywhere? 

For example, you have just realized that you need to buy a new pair of jeans and suddenly your friend is calling you and saying that she wants to buy a pair of new jeans. Without even knowing about your plans to do likewise!

Then you leave your home and while walking you see someone’s pair of jeans on the grass. Then you walk further and hear people discussing buying a new pair of new jeans too.

It’s weird. It’s creepy. But I bet you have lots of your own examples of such a thing. Nowadays people start to experience this phenomenon more and more often.

It looks like direct advertising inbuilt in the Universe, doesn’t it? 

But this direct advertising is not based on your search results. It’s based on your thoughts.

It always makes sense personally to you. Sometimes it’s something trivial or even silly. Sometimes it’s something huge. But it stands out from the rest of your reality a lot. It literally shouts: Look at me! I’m not here by accident! I mean something to you!

Good news. You are not insane. This phenomenon has its name. And this name is not schizophrenia.

It’s called synchronicity.

First synchronicity was described by psychologist Carl Jung. He discussed it with a physician, a Nobel prize winner, Wolfgang Pauli. Pauli agreed that such a thing exists. He supported the ideas of Jung and encouraged him to write a scientific paper about them. 

In this paper, Jung described the situation when he was working on the symbolism of Christianity. One of its main symbols is a fish. Early Christians used to recognize each other by drawing a fish on the sand. 

While working on the symbolism of a fish, Jung started to come across fish everywhere. He was served fish as a breakfast. His client whom he didn’t see for months visited him to show pictures of a fish she drew. He was shown a fragment of tapestry with fish-like monsters in the evening. Another client told him her dream where she saw a big fish.

On the whole, the topic of fish was raised no less than 6 times within 24 hours. All the people (except only one) who raised it didn’t know what Jung was working on. 

Impressive, isn’t it?

No less impressive is the fact that a fish is still following Carl Jung even after his death.

My last name is Rybachuk. Guess what “Ryba” means in Russian? Yes, it means a fish.

To be continued.

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