Kazan School Shooting

I don’t want to sound like a post-Soviet dictator but regarding the situation with Kazan school shooting: I truly believe that more control over the newsmakers should be taken.

Now the things look like Telegram and other social media will be to blame. However, it’s not the social media that make millions of people learn about every new disgusting detail of the committed crime and about the person who did it. It’s those who create the corresponding news.

Now it looks like a perfect guide how to get public attention: do something awful, the more awful the better, and the newsmakers will do the rest of the job for you.

Unfortunately, I feel like more and more mentally unstable people will consider it as a perfect plan.

Stop making evil people famous. Stop writing about them. Stop reading about them. Stop deliver any kind of attention to their evil and ill personalities. Attention is what they want and that’s what we should not give them if we do not want them to proceed.