Uranus in Taurus

Astrologers very often say that the position of Uranus in your natal chart will tell you where you will meet most original and eccentric people in your life.

It’s a general, very traditional interpretation. 

However, there’s also another one. 

But before I reveal it for your consideration, let’s try to figure it out what kind of people usually seem original to us.

It’s those people who know about themselves more than other people around them do.

Those people don’t think like others.

Such people don’t look like others. 

They don’t act like others. 

That’s why they seem unusual. 

That’s why they seem original.

Not like others. Not like you.

Besides connecting you with such people Uranus wants you to reveal and celebrate your own originality. 

Realize who you are. What makes you original and unique.

What makes you be yourself once you’re deprived of all the common cliches, standards and general truths.

Uranus is in Taurus for the moment when this text is being written. And it will remain in this position for several years more.

Taurus rules personal income. 

So it’s not a coincidence that lots of people got deprived of their familiar conventional ways of earning money these days.

Uranus in Taurus wants us all to find out who we are by means of how we earn. 

As Uranus itself also rules informational technologies, it’s not a bad idea to try something online. 

Even if going online doesn’t make you a billionaire, it will definitely somehow show you the way to yourself. Help you reveal your own originality.

I wish prosperity and luck to you and to all people you love!